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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mowgli Swim

I photographed a shoot for Mowgli's new women's swim line with the amazing Kylie Hannah! It was a blast! Their new styles include something for everyone with one piece suits displaying amazing airbrush, tie dye, and dip dye designs as well some sporty style two piece suits and a triangle bikini style with more rad dye processes including a coral/purple marble dye. You can check out the entire swim line on their site at!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Golden Birthday Card

Every year I send my good friend Dustin a birthday card. He is exactly one month older than me. I like to make him a little something fun each year and this year was especially special because it's both of our Golden birthdays. If you are unaware, a Golden birthday is when you turn the age of the day of the month you were born on and for both of us that is 28 because we were born on the 28th or our respective months. It's not as exciting for people who were born in the beginning of the month and most of the time they are unaware of this fun birthday bonus but I've been waiting 28 years for this one so I'm pretty pumped. It's my lucky number!

I started with a metallic golden paper which I cut into card size and folded in half. Then I used a x-acto knife to cut out the number 28, a party hat, and a bunch of confetti shapes which I filled with colored paper by taping it to the back of the card. I made the party hat stripey and cut some fun drip shapes for the number cut out. I packed it super securely in a mailing folder and covered it in colorful washi tape. Check out the work in progress and final photos. I had a good time making this! Although reflective surfaces are certainly a challenge to photograph!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

10 x 10 Patches

I did a really fun custom patch pack project for Korea's 10 x 10 store. They wanted a pack of 5 patches to sell all together with different themes: holiday, plants, dessert, animals, and circus! I did a bunch of sketches and ended up settling on respectively, an Ugly Holiday Sweater, Succulent Society, Triple Scoop Ice Cream, Llama Drama, and A Big Top Tent complete with blue lion! You can find them here! Check out the patches and llama vector art below along with some of the images from the 10 x 10 website!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Custom Mega Backpack

Another satisfied customer. The same person that I made the custom laptop case for was such a fan that she requested another custom item for a trip to Bangkok and Seoul. This time a backpack! But not just any backpack, a custom version of our Mega Backpack with custom colors and pockets. I added a water bottle pocket and an extra 3D front pocket with a space explorer patch detail. There's also a secret front inside pocket for a passport. Check out the sketch vs. the final and scroll down to see her photos of the bag in action accompanied by the Camp Bag!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


New sticker goodness plucked from pattern and patch details and transformed for ultimate stickability! The abstract color club sticker featured a clear back so the background color of whatever you stick it to shows through for rad color overlapping power! Show your love for obscure instruments with our Melodica sticker! One included free in every order while supplies last or buy them individually at!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nomiku Patches

Nomiku, an amazing company co-founded by my friend Lisa and her hubby makes the most powerful and compact sous vide immersion circulator in the world asked me to make some patches for them! I did some sketches featuring the actual Nomiku circulator with a cute face and one with some meat and veggies in a bag that are ready for cooking! Check out the finals below and snag them only in the Nomiku shop!