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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Products

Spooktastic! Anyone who's anyone knows that Halloween is the best holiday of all. I did a special Halloween Masks + Candy print to make into some limited edition Halloween products: a backpack, tote (perfect for stashing all of your Halloween candy), and 5 panel hat. All of the products feature the Mokuyobi candy bar and mini ghost patch from the previous post. Backpack and tote are lined with a radical neon green nylon with neon green webbing.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Spooky Patches

Nothing says spooky like your ever classic sheet ghost costume and no better way to celebrate costumes like this one than to slap it on a patch to adorn your trick-or-treating gear with! Dressing as an actual sheet ghost or otherwise classic Halloween character earns you bonus points so prepare to rake in that candy this year and fill up that plastic pumpkin head.

Also featured in a patch is a delicious Mokuyobi candy bar in two flavors, neon orange and teal! Add it to your desired candy list but beware the mini ghost patch who stands at a towering 1.5 inches tall. It is he who guards the candy but this little guy will definitely hang out with you if you just ask nicely. Collect them all!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nomiku Tees

I did some t-shirt designs for a rad food centric company/product known as Nomiku. They have had two mega successful Kickstarters and are crushing it in the food world. Check out their fancy and user friendly kitchen gadget here and sous vide your way to a full tummy.

For their first design I did a welcome cat surrounded with happy veggies holding baggies of a meat and fish which were made as a one color line drawing on a blue tee. I also made a special full color digital print version for one of the co-founders.

With the release of their new Nomiku I went all out with a food related all over print! You can snag this awesome tee in their webshop while supplies last.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Patches

Prepare your wallets for patches galore! 8 new slices of iron-on goodness available now at Some of them will be making a further debut on Spring '15 products so stay tuned! 

This first patch image was definitely my favorite to make. I love working with the multiply feature in illustrator and I wanted to translate it to embroidery with an abstract image. It was a bit tricky to pick the colors of the overlapping sections but I think it came out really great. It will be featured on a solid hat with a coordinating color club abstract pattern lining for spring launching in February 2015

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Artists You Should Know: Barbara Dziadosz

Thanks to the internet I keep stumbling upon talented people. Lucky me! Check out this super rad lady Barbara Dziadosz's work who hails from Poland and is studying in Hamburg at the moment. Peep her tumblr and follow her on instagram!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Spring/Summer 2015 Print Preview

Yee haw! Ain't nothing like some new printy patterns to get the product waterfalls flowing. Particularly pumped about this round because no reason at all. I just like to make things. If being a minimalist is a thing then being a maximalist definitely is. Go big or home and get swallowed alive by all of your belongings. #worthit Also featuring an artist collab with the talented Rand Renfrow- some amazing work from this guy, keep an eye on him!


 Color Club

 Floaty Dreamer

 Hello World

Tea Party- by the amazing Rand Renfrow

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tanzania Trip

I took a safari trip with my family to Tanzania! Aside from all of the itchy bug bites and getting stung by a super stealthy bee/wasp it was a good time. I rented a 400mm lens for my Canon t2i camera to use on the trip since the animals won't come super close to you even if you say please. It didn't come with a protective case so I made one: tan nylon with yellow nylon lining, a coral strap, and a teal zipper padded with 1/2" foam all around. Still have no idea what I'll use it for since I returned the lens.

We saw tons of animals and colorful birds. Some animals we saw were impala, warthogs, wildebeests, giraffes, hippos, zebras, crocodiles, dik diks, lions, monkeys, a leopard, a rhino, elephants, hyenas, and more! Here are some highlights of the trip photos:

Hot air balloon ride

Safari Breakfast

Baby zebra rolling in the dirt

Bird doodle

All day open car rides make for interesting hairdos